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Toll free: 877-711-4005
Fax: 865-457-4440

After Hours Request Line: 1-888-581-4487


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  1. Could you put the funeral home links back under the obituaries, this helped numerous people.

    • Jamie & Bill Moffitt

      The new background music with a morning talk is honestly annoying. I recommend you change it back.

    • That song about base ball you played yesterday about 2 or 3 o’clock what the name of it love to know the name of it or were I could find it

  2. Love the new site, very mobile friendly.

  3. Nice work on the new and improved site.

  4. Sunday you all played a song about going to church just for spite! Can you tell me the name of the song?

    • I will ask the Sunday staff and hopefully have an answer for you sooner rather than later! Thanks for listening!

    • I really enjoy listening to David Farmer.
      He is so friendly and tells the best stories.
      I could just listen for hours.
      A true legend from Clinton Tennessee and only on WYSH and BBB12.

  5. I like the new

  6. On a day that we should be remembering the anniversary of 9/11 a realty company is disrespecting the memory by using a picture of 9/11 to kick off a fall give away. Check out the Facebook page for Algin Realty if you don’t believe me.

  7. The Norris Lions are hosting their Fall Turkey Shoot, a fundraiser supporting East Tennessee White Cane Charities and other community-based projects such as the Norris Food Pantry and Kids Sight Screening. November 7, 14, and 21, 8AM until 2PM. Take Exit 122 off I-75, head east on Hwy 61 toward Andersonville, about 1 mile past the traffic light at Hwy 441. For more information go to

  8. Merle Kilgore was Johnny’s best man!

  9. Do you know if there is going to be another bluegrass festival this year? That was awesome last year. Flat lonesome is now one of my favorites.

  10. The world needs more people like Jim,and the radio station is so lucky to have him.Thank you jim.

  11. The Clinton Police Department made a very moving post on their facebook page about the Dallas Police Officer deaths. Could you possibly run something on it on your site?

  12. Jim,
    Is there a certain age that allows you qualify to go the Senior Center?
    I am disabled, but I would like to try and participate in some of the things.
    I am 56. Would I be able to attend? Or is it 60 years and over?
    Thank you, Jim, for all do.
    I watch you every day!!

    • The minimum age to receive services is 60 but you can give them a call and check to see if you can come in and take part at 457-3259. Thanks and have a great day!

  13. Ron,
    I have tried to find the picture of WYSHkers the black panther but I can’t seem to find it on your website. Where would I find it. I seen it when you showed it on tv. It was beautiful !!!! Thank you for your time.
    P. S. – Go WYSH !!!!!

  14. Hey , jim Harris , Deep Springs Baptist Church in Clinton TN. is having , a Christmas Cantata At 6:00 Pm Sunday Dec.10th called One Silent Night , The public is welcome Come join us > Thank you

  15. I listen to trading time every evening on my way home from work on 96.3 FM. Until 6:30 p.m. they always say I can he it on iHeartRadio. What I need to know is what do I search for to find you station

  16. would really appreciate it if you can post this:

    Yard/Garage Sale this Friday (06/15) and Saturday (06/16) from 9 am until 4 pm. In Norris, at 100 West Norris Road.

    Access to the sale is via a Service Drive to back of house. Note that there is NO parking on the service drive. Please park in the small grassy commons area. Items available include:

    * Furniture (antique and contemporary)
    * Antiques
    * Collectibles
    * Cast Iron Collectibles
    * Clothing
    * Tools and Construction Supplies
    * Jigsaw Puzzles
    * Wood Trim
    * Books
    * Glassware
    * Camping Gear
    * Much, Much More….

    You do not want to miss this opportunity. Very cool stuff that is really cheap.

  17. Grand Ole Opry standing ovations star Emi Sunshine and the Rain perform a free concert at the Queen Creek Performing Arts Center in Queen Creek, AZ on October 17 at 7 PM. 480 987-5964,

  18. Are the Clinton high school baseball games broadcast the same as the football and basketball games?

  19. I live in Rocky Top.
    I have Comcast Channel 12.
    Your station had a live feed on Channel 12.
    Now, it’s gone or some place else.
    Please help!!!
    I love this show!!!

  20. Where can you find rubbing alcohol?

  21. Has anything been mentioned about the curriculum For Clinton city schools online teaching? My granddaughter is in kindergarten and has to read a book and do a book report! What the heck!? am I missing something? And that’s just one of the things that is a way above her grade what is going on does anyone know?

  22. I listened to the call in show the young lady was hosting tonight and she was very entertaining and did a great job the entire show.
    She had to do alot of adlibing because there were few callers.
    Sadly some crotchety old woman called in a few minutes before the end of the show and in a mean voice said she wanted to report her to the manager and wanted his number.
    She quickly and politely gave her the number
    and had to go to commercials soon after because she was in tears over it.
    Even after the commercials she was still very upset and fighting back tears as she signed off with a appology if she said anything wrong.
    Please help her understand that there are sadly disturbed people in the world that get pleasure by making such calls to radio stations and that it wasn’t
    anything she did.
    As a former on air personality i know how she felt and how something like that could discourage a otherwise great on air talent from staying with it.

    • I will pass it along to her. Thanks for reaching out and have a great day. Sadly, there is no pleasing everyone!

  23. Dan & Charlotte Bridges

    How can a elementary school student get on and talk about virtual learning and being a 4-H participate helping a local community children know how awesome 4-H is and what a wonderful experience it is right now during these uncertain times and to advertise selling fresh chicken eggs to help buy her supplies for her chickens and about donating her extra children eggs at the local blessing box

  24. Please adjust your Mainstream online streaming audio level.
    It is currently far too loud and badly distorted as a result

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