1. Ron,
    I am hearing Trading Time “loud and clear” on line this morning. I am using an iPhone.
    Best wishes,
    Tim Powers

  2. Ron,
    Do you think BBB Brad will ever get Closed Caption on Channel 12?
    I mean, I switched Closed Caption on using my Comcast box, but your station doesn’t show it as Closed Caption.
    Just in need….

  3. Hi Folks, is it possible to send an e-file of a Christmas song I have written and recorded to your program Director for consideration of airplay this up coming season? Thanks for your time.

    make the world better

  4. Out here there are just too many people, still outside socializing, meeting up with friends, going out to stores and visiting people, they just don’t get it, I wrote this, as my own public service announcement, to get people to stay home,, so this virus can calm down, and we can stop the dying,,
    Please pass this onto friends, put it on your website, share on Facebook ,, or just to someone, you think might need it..
    Thank you,, I hope you and your staff are well, and safe.. Matty Kaspak


  5. My name is Luke Kidwell. I live in Anderson County and have pastored churches in Anderson County for 40 years. My wife and I and our 3 sons all graduated from Clinton High School. All of my sons and my daughter-in-law served in the military. There has been several deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq along with other places. My 33 yr old twins and my daughter-in-law are still active and full time with the Air National Guard. My twins have been active over 12 years My son Jared is the recruiter for the Air National Guard. My 3 sons and daughter-in-law started a business known as Gold Star Nutrition. The business supports several Veteran organizations. Sadly my oldest son Jonathan who served 3 one year tours in Afghanistan and Iraq and was one of the owners of the store passed away in February. If you could invite my sons to be on “Ask Your Neighbor” they would be honored to talk about the Air National Guard and or their Veteran owned and operated business. I appreciate your consideration!

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