Another Administrator Leaves Anderson County School System over Grade Changing Scandal

Clinton High School Athletic Director Nate Martin has stepped down and left Anderson County Schools.

In an email Nate Martin Wrote ““When this rolls downhill, I am going to lose my job but this is not fair. Our school is in the middle of a grade changing scandal that is about to hit national news. This student’s
transcript has been doctored and the school district has no idea who did that,” Martin reported that a student on the Clinton High School Football team did not earn the required number of credits to be eligible to play.

So far the investigation has also led to two teachers being fired, the head principal resigning, 3 Guidance counselor’s contracts will not be renewed, the head of the Guidance Department Carrie Jenkins, wife of former principal Dan Jenkins, has been suspended. Darell Keith, Clinton Football coach will not have his contract renewed.

On June 14, 2024 on the program Ask Your Neighbor on WYSH radio a listener phoned in and reported that she had discovered more than 40 students who had their grades changed. One student was given all As in one of their classes on the first day of school.

Robbie Herrell has been named as the new principal of Clinton High School and has agreed to come on WYSH radio to discuss his vision for Clinton High School.

On May 18, Anderson County Sheriff’s Office released that an investigation had been opened. The Sheriff’s Department says it was requested to investigate the matter by the district attorney’s office.

Yesterday 6/19/2024 on WYSH radio Sheriff Russel Barker said at this time his department is looking into 8 misdemeanors crimes in relation to the Clinton High School grade changing scandal.” No arrests have been made yet as the investigation is ongoing and expanding.

WYSH has also been given the names of 4 Elected School board officials who are each reported to have known about the grade changing practice taking place at Clinton High School long before it was discovered and reported by authorities. One school board member has been reported as discussing the changing of grades while grocery shopping at food City in Clinton before the scandal was discovered and reported.

It has also been reported to WYSH that numerous other teachers and administrators knew and discussed the changing of grades before the practice was discovered or reported.

WYSH continues to ask parents, students, teachers, administrators, School board members or anyone else that was involved to come forward and share your story. We will, if ask, keep your name confidential.



WYSH has obtained the resignation email sent by Nate Martin.

From: Nate Martin <>
Date: Thu, Jun 13, 2024 at 1:54 PM
Subject: Resignation
To: April <>

Good Afternoon Mrs. Meyers,

It saddens me to have to reach out and unfortunately resign from my post at ACS effective immediately.

My time at ACS was great and I am very thankful of the support of you and all of central office staff as well as your admin team.

This is simply an opportunity to increase salary and something that my family and I feel is best at this time.

I hate that I will not get a chance to work with someone as good at what we do as you, and I am truly sorry for that but I hope you can understand and maybe one day our paths will cross again .

Thank again and god bless!

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  1. Jim, I believe the public deserves the right to know these school board members names. These people are elected officials by the people. They serve at the privilege of the people. They are apparently corrupt in their hiding of this info. The people must be allow to fix this issue within ACS. The nepotism and abuse of former employees has been apparent for years. I ask you to release the name of these officials.

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