THOUSANDS of Grades Changed By Clinton High School Teachers and Administration To Help Play Sports, Get Into College, And To Get “Bad Ones” Out of The School System.

In a continuing story WYSH broke on Sunday April 14th 2024, WYSH has learned that two ACS teachers have been fired for continuing grade manipulation following the resignation of Clinton High School Principal Dan Jenkins. The report is teachers and administration were changing grades for certain students. Some grades were changed in order to compete in sports, or get kids into college, some grades were changed to remove “bad or problem” students that the Clinton High School administration wanted out of the school.

Anderson County District leaders say they found students who were supposedly on track to graduate, but the students did not have the necessary coursework.
The documents provided say “Coach Darnell. Keith told Rachel Jones that he needed students’ grades replaced (changed) and that Dan Jenkins had agreed and signed off on changing the grades. At the time teacher Jones said she could not help Coach Keith do that. However, later the Coach returned to Jones with the same marked transcript this time signed by Dan Jenkins. Keith stated Dan said put him in those classes. Jones called Dan Jenkins to confirm. Dan Jenkins told her “yes put him in the classes “Coach Keith remains the head football coach for Clinton high school at the publishing of this article.

In one instance WYSH was told by a parent and their child (an ACS student) that an administrator, who is still employed with ACS, told the student “We are going to raise your grades in an effort to help you” When a representative for WYSH ask what the student thought about the grades being changed they said “I Love …(administrators name).. she is changing my grades so I can move up”.

During her interview Rachel Jones shared that in January 2023, a school counselor reportedly asked Jones to enroll a student in virtual courses. Data showed the student had completed five courses in eight (8) days. Jones said that Jenkins wanted her to change grades to get the student out of school. Jones also stated she changed other grades other times to improve Clinton’s graduation rate. At this point it is not known how many students, nor how many years grades have been being changed to help or get out students at Clinton High School. However, data show Turpin changed thousands of grades in 4 months.

In what is believed to be the beginning of trying to correct or “Clean up” the issues in Anderson County Schools, Rachel Jones and Clay Turpin were fired Monday, 5/13/24. Both teachers were under the supervision of former CHS Principal Dan Jenkins who resigned in April and then the teachers fell under the supervision of acting Principal Amanda Powers

It has been concluded that multiple students were appearing on track to graduate despite missing important course requirements. Additionally, the administration believes that some students who graduated the previous year never took the end-of-year testing.

When asked how long the grade changing had been going on she reportedly said, “Pretty much the whole time that Dan was principal.” Jenkins was made principal in 2020. So, there have been 4 years of grade changing and manipulation going on , effecting individual, handpicked students’ future outcomes. Some student’s grades were changed to help them with college and sports participation, other students, who the administration deem undesirable and they “wanted out of the school” , were changed to remove them from the Anderson County School system. Turpin said that the school counselor told him to do it. He said that he was told his role was to get the students done as soon as possible and get them out of school which could only be done if students had above 60 percent in the class. Turpin’s impression was that the former principal wanted to get the “bad kids out.” Rachel Jones said that during the 2023-24 school year, she told Jenkins that she would not do it anymore and that’s when he got Turpin to take over credit recovery. WYSH is asking the question…. Who picked the “BAD” ones?

Clay Turpin said he taught credit recovery but was never trained. As stated above, data reports showed Turpin had changed over 1,000 grades within four months. He went on to say that other teachers and administrators knew, and know what was going on and others were also changing grades as well.

WYSH have reports of both teachers and administrators participating in, and or knowing of these grade manipulations. However, WYSH will withhold publishing further names and details until either the director of schools announces them, or charges are filed by the Anderson County District Attorney. If neither are carried out in a timely manner WYSH will release the information we have when it feels appropriate to do so.

WYSH spoke to a Senior at Clinton High School who ask not to be identified. The Senior said they worried about any future scholarships because in a college interview one of the interviewers said something to the effect of…”So were you one of the students whose grades were changed and if so, where they changed for the better or worse. The student told me it was said in jest before the official beginning of the interview, but they are worried that this grade scandal is going to hurt their, and many other kids chances of scholarships. The student said to me… “if the scholarship is down to a kid from Knox County… or me from Anderson County Schools, Clinton High School… they are going to pick the student that they know grades are real. They won’t pick me because they could fear my grades were changed to help me get into college”. The question arose, if grades were changed to put kids on sports teams, will those teams be stripped of the victories they earned over the last 4 years?

WYSH is asking any parent or guardian, or teacher, that feels like their child, or a child was a “bad or Problem ” child that may have fallen prey to this activity to either respond here or private message us. Or do you believe a child was not given a scholarship because another child who had their grades changed was awarded the scholarship instead. We will keep your identity anonymous if requested. WYSH also believes that there is even more to this story. But, as stated above we are waiting to report. Just as we told you in April there was more!! Again, THERE IS MORE. WYSH wants to give ACS and any law enforcement the appropriate time to remove the teachers/ administrators and report any and all parties who had knowledge of or were involved in involved in any and all ways.

WYSH asks that you please copy and share this story with as many people as you can. It is already a fact that thousands of grands were changed in 4 months. How many students were disenfranchised or discriminated against over the last 4 years?? We want to hear from everyone.

Again, we are asking the question of Anderson County Schools administrators, Director of Schools Tim Parrot and teachers, WHO PICKED THE BAD ONES that were intentionally singled out, discarded, gave up on, and manipulated grades used against to remove them from Clinton High School?

Before we answer that question publicly, we feel it is fair to ASK everyone involved here on a public forum, who picked the bad ones. We will publish further information when we feel it is appropriate.

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  1. Walter Erbaugh

    Looks like a state takeover of county schools might be a good idea at this point. Being inept is one thing. Being crooked is totally another. This sounds like the latter.

  2. This goes way beyond what is even public. Please keep pushing. From covering up male teachers sleeping with students while female teachers get in trouble to grade changing ACS has it all. Doesn’t anyone every question how the superintendent who cannot string together a coherent sentence somehow has a doctorate degree? Or why there’s so much nepotism rampant through the county school system? If you believe people in central office didn’t know this was happening, you’re either willingly ignorant or stupid. Replace them all. Or this county will continue to be a complete embarrassment.

  3. As a retired teacher, I was not rehired at one school due to the fact I would not change a students grade so she could graduate. The student graduated, so someone changed the grade.. At that time, I was told only a teacher or principal can change a grade. Now I wonder. Anyways, I was not rehired and moved to another school.

  4. Please call for the investigation of. all of central office and any other admin close with the central office folks. Also why haven’t the other admin been investigated or at the very least non renewed? They knew. Ask the kids.

  5. I agree with BH. The administration had to know what was going on at CHS. The principal was hand-picked by them just a few years ago.

    The director should be fired or resign. But the school board doesn’t have the guts or the integrity to do what is right. Bunch of clowns that are part of the “good ole boy network” of AC.

    And maybe they should look up at AC too. I am sure they are squeaky clean.

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