Criminal Investigation Initiated into ACS Amid Several Different Allegations of Malfeasance or Misbehavior

Complaints involving Clinton High School/Anderson County Schools have been referred to the District Attorney General’s Office and the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office. 

Separation from employment of several school employees have already received media attention. The District Attorney General and Sheriff can confirm that a criminal investigation has been initiated at the refen-al of the Anderson County Schools administration regarding allegations involving several different types of malfeasance or misbehavior. As this is an ongoing criminal investigation, it would be improper and potentially unethical for detailed public comments to be made about the nature of the evidence or investigation.

It can be reported that there are several different types of allegations and they will all be carefully reviewed. It should be noted that some of the allegations involve potential criminal behavior and some involve mismanagement, malfeasance or other behavior that would fall short of actual criminal conduct. It should be noted that these are only allegations and no finding of any type has yet been made by law enforcement. The purpose of the investigation is to fully and fairly find the truth based upon actual evidence before conclusions are reached.

As necessary, the investigation may include areas that are beyond the scope of the criminal justice system and may be referred to other investigative or regulatory agencies.

Sheriff Russell Barker and District Attorney General Dave Clark in a prepared statement commented jointly on the matter, “we are aware of the importance of these issues to our community, students, parents and the Anderson County School system itself We are working with the school system to identify and investigate what has happened and are committed to a thorough investigation that will help find the truth that will ultimately result in a transparent review of the criminal allegations that we hope will do justice and make the schools and community stronger.”

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