Clinton Football Coach Darell Keith Fired

WYSH has learned that Darell Keith’s contract will not be renewed next year.

WYSH has also learned there are a number of others that may also be fired.

As we find out more WYSH will report it. WYSH confirmed with Dr Tim Parrot that Coach Keith will not be Clintons Football Coach next year.

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  1. There are plenty of people that didn’t like Coach Keith from the start. Partly due to race, and partly due to him not being from this area. The problem Clinton has had in the past is that the head coaches have always been locals, therefore dealt with all the political BS involved locally. We need to make sure the next coach is put in the position to field the best team possible, and not have to worry about who gets playing time because of who their parents may be. Clinton has been on a great track since Coach Keith came onboard, and the next coach has big shoes to fill.

    • Yes recruiting players in high school is better for the local kids then someone from here. How many kids that were from here got passed over for kids that arent even from clinton that keith recruited to come here? And why does everything have to be about race? How bout people werent happy cause of his record he had at his last school? I know that was a reason. If you honestly think losing him is bad for the school you got some rethinking to do.

  2. Well stated. I thought as a coach he was really an asset . But sometimes there are other factors which were not known at the time. Race has Zero to do with grading ,it’s wrong regardless if it happened.

  3. Coach Keith wasn’t fired if he was non-renewed. Non-renewal means he will still have his license and still go teach elsewhere. He needs to be dismissed and have his license revoked. He and all other coaches who were requesting kids grades to be changed or pushed through need to be investigated and properly punished.

  4. Mary E Crowley

    Was everyone scared that coach Keith was going to make Clinton better than AC is this why all the bullshit he was a damn good coach keep you head held high Darell Keith u was good for Clinton we just have some small minded people in clinton.

  5. And the Dragon Wagon is ass up in the ditch on ’61, down by the Spur. I knew this was coming and what did you expect? He had a church van full of players from Knoxville that never even attended Clinton High School that were on the field on Friday nights. 4 years of fake classes. This is just pathetic and a black eye on all of Tennessee public education. Thanks alot Clinton morons.

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