ASAP Promotes Medication Safety with Free Lock Boxes

ASAP Promotes Medication Safety with Free Lock Boxes

ANDERSON COUNTY, TENN., January 2024 – In an effort to enhance safety and promote responsible medication management, ASAP of Anderson has ordered over 200 medication lock boxes that are free to anyone who lives, works, or worships in Anderson County, Tennessee.

Medication lock boxes are designed to provide a secure storage solution for both prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs. By using lock boxes, those in Anderson County can take a step towards keeping their families safer. Some of the benefits of having lock boxes include:

Child and Pet Safety:

Lockboxes can prevent accidental poisonings, especially among curious children and pets. By securing medications, parents can prevent unintentional ingestion.

Preventing Medication Misuse:

Lockboxes play a key role in preventing medication misuse by restricting access to prescription drugs. This may be the case in households where there are concerns about medication misuse or addiction.

Home Security:

Medication lock boxes offer more layers of security for medications, protecting them from theft or misuse within the house.

To order a free lock box from ASAP of Anderson, please visit

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