Library Board Say No Restrictions

In a 4,4 vote last night the Anderson County library board failed to change policy in an effort to aimed at protecting children and upholding community standards. The first vote was to remove the controversial books entirely. That vote failed 4 to4. The second vote rejected the AC law director’s opinion, (which was requested by the board), to restrict the books in question. That vote failed by same 4 to 4 vote. The books in question contain text and illustrations that a number of Anderson County parents consider obscene and pornographic. Some of the illustrations are included with this report along with the Law Directors Legal Opinion.

Anderson County Commissioner Tim Isbell said “In my heart I don’t think the community standards would allow the books in question at least without restrictions!”

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  1. They are experimenting on the next generation of children with everything from pornographic comic books to drugs and vaccines to sex organ surgery.

  2. Hi! I am Commissioner Anthony Allen. In February I brought to Commission’s attention the sexually explicit books and materials in taxpayer funded Anderson County Libraries. Each Commissioner as well as the Mayor and Law Director received a 1.5 inch packet containing summaries and unreacted graphics of obscene, pornographic and sexually perverted materials all targeting children. The material was so profane a certain Commissioner let out an audible gasp upon seeing just one image. Some Commissioners object to any discussion using the words or phrases contained within the materials. The materials so shocks the moral sensibilities of people but this material is to be purchased with taxpayer dollars and provided to the children of Anderson County!

    To the rhetorical question of the ages: Are you your brother’s keeper? 100% of my fellow Commissioners would answer, yes, on an individual basis. Now being and elected official, a Commissioner, Are you your brother’s keeper? Yes! Commissioners are elected and entrusted with the responsibility of administering county resources to keep our brother citizens of Anderson county.

    Therefore, if the person is his brother’s keeper on a individual level and the person is his brother’s keeper as a Commissioner, then it is a logical extension the Commissioner is the keeper of his brother’s children.

    The proof Commissioners are the keeper of his brother’s children is the fact Commissioners allocate resources to fund Anderson county schools to keep his brother’s children educated! There’s also a Child Trafficking Task Force to keep his brothers’ children safe from trafficking. And, Commissioners love to make presentations to his brother’s children of sport teams, 4H Club and academic achievement.

    I would hope Commissioners would fulfill their duty to be the keepers of his brother’s children to protect his brother’s children from the sexually explicit materials in Anderson County Libraries.

    Those materials have no place in our libraries and should be removed to keep our children safe.

    • It is not that hard to figure out what is appropriate. We mustprotect the innicence our most precious resource, our children, the future of our civilization.

    • Thank you Anderson County TN Commissioner Allen for standing up and protecting the children of Anderson County!

  3. Why is something not being done about these books? The library board is blatantly breaking the law! The Anderson County Commission needs to step in and take care of this matter before the county gets sued! If the county gets sued, as a taxpayer I don’t feel we should have to pay for the legal fees because the library board/librarians aren’t doing their job and blatantly breaking the law.

  4. Thine books are filthy rags!!! Thine library board is going to get thy county of Anderson sued for thine heresy! Thy 1611 King James Bible is proper reading material for thy children. Not these filthy rags! Thy library board members must be born again! Thy American Library Association is heresy! Heresy I say! HERESY!!! YE MUST BE BORN AGAIN!!!

  5. If any adult texted these graphics to a child, it would be criminal. Yet the librarians can hand them out w/o repercussion. At least put Tati g labels on them like they do for movies/TV shows, video games, & music. This is the Socialist / Marxist agenda at work!!! Never thought I’d see the day this happened in Anderson County!!!

  6. No doubt there are insidious, perverted activities clearly intended to sexualize and indoctrinate minor children permeating our country, state, and yes, even some in Anderson County. For example, these activities are seen in the form of exposing minors to sexual innuendos at drag queen shows, nude adults riding bicycles and marching in parades, and displaying sexually explicit age-inappropriate material accessible by children in public and school libraries. However, these comments focus primarily on age-inappropriate material harmful to minors accessible in Anderson County’s libraries.
    Earlier this year, it was discovered that taxpayer funded Anderson County libraries were purchasing books containing information that:
    • Recommend children seek sexual advice from strangers online;
    • Suggest children watch pornography on the internet with the understanding that porn stars are amazing actors that should be respected;
    • Educate children how to send sexual photographs to “friends” and to blur their faces or any birthmarks or tattoos to prevent recognition;
    • Teach children how to masturbate complete with graphic pictures and descriptions;
    • Provide images of people engaging in sex and pictures of children exposing themselves (this is clearly child pornography);
    • Normalize sexual relations between adults and children, including incest (illegal under Tennessee law).
    Most of these techniques are utilized by child sexual predators to groom their victims. Of course, there is more objectionable material than that previously listed.
    It is important to note that the supporters of these books seldom mention or describe the specific content of the books in question. Is it because that if the general public were made aware, they would vehemently object? Most assuredly, an average person applying moral community standards would determine that such obscene, sexually oriented information depicts or describes sexual conduct, is obscene and harmful to minors and should not be accessible by minors. The terms “obscene materials or materials harmful to minors” are clearly defined in Tennessee law “Age-Appropriate Materials Act” recently signed by Governor Lee and currently in effect. As stated in Anderson County’s Law Director, these terms as well as others are cited in TN Code § 39-17-901 (2021).
    Numerous child advocates have written letters and/or contacted Anderson County commissioners pleading with them to intervene. Other child advocates have spoken at numerous commission meetings presenting facts about some of the books and the intrinsic harm this information is to developing minor children. Other brave souls have spoken at the March 27, 2023, Library Board Public Hearing and other library board meetings only to be ridiculed and compared to Hitler and fascists by these book supporters. Supporters also stated that advocates for children are “banning books” or “promoting the restriction of First Amendment rights.” Quite the contrary. Simply, child advocates are objecting to the accessibility by minors to obscene sexually oriented material harmful to minors. If adults wish to check out these books, that is their right.
    It is indeed a noble, righteous cause to protect the children as it is an issue that every moral, self-respecting adult should embrace. Now four of the Library Board Trustees reject the legal recommendations of Anderson County’s Law Director? These four members of the Library Board are setting themselves up for a civil lawsuit that the taxpayers would be forced to fund unnecessarily.
    Pass the word that we, the moral citizens of Anderson County that are dedicated to protecting children, will not brook this obscene filth in our taxpayer-funded libraries. Sign the petition at and let your voice be heard!

  7. The library board’s refusal to implement the recommendations suggested by Jay Yeager, the Anderson County law director, reminds me that it is extremely important who we elect to local office. If our elected officials do not share our fundamental beliefs about the world and our morality or are opposed to them, then they can cause great harm to us, to our children and to our community. Notwithstanding potential legal action, it appears that some of our elected officials, library board members and librarians may need to be removed from their positions.

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  9. While adults exercise their freedoms or should I say their agenda, our children suffer. Why can’ we just think of our children. The pictures posted are not ok for children, I really can’t understand why adults would want to look at the pictures. While our kids struggle in academics, other social skills, and the right for food and housing we are concerned about censorship. Take some of this effort and use it for the well-being of our children.

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