Anderson County Senior Center hosts ‘Eat Well, Feel Well’ serie

Anderson County Senior Center hosts ‘Eat Well, Feel Well’ series

CLINTON—As part its wide-ranging list of activities, the Anderson County Senior Center has been hosting an “Eat Well, Feel Well” class, led by Ashley Draper from the University of Tennessee Extension Office.

The four-week class series, which will conclude on August 14th, focuses on the importance of incorporating physical activity and healthy foods to live one’s best life.

This week’s hour-long class, held on August 7th at the Anderson County Senior Center at 96 Mariner Point Drive, offered information about dairy products and how to interpret the “best by,” “sell by,” and “use by” dates typically found on food items purchased at any grocery store.

While all those numbers do have different meanings, Draper said, “if you are the least bit unsure if a food is safe (to consume), it’s best to toss it.”

“Through the Anderson County Senior Center, our Senior Health Educator Sandra Manning is doing an incredible job of partnering with great people and organizations like Ashley Draper from UT to help empower aging adults with the information, tools, and resources they need to lead healthier and happier lives,” Anderson County Mayor Terry Frank said. “Eating well is a key to not only physical health, but mental health, too.”  

Week number 1 of the class discussed physical activity and proper hydration for good health. Class number 2 offered tips for incorporating more fruits and vegetables in day-to-day meals and snacks.  The final session of the class – set for noon on Monday, August 14th – will provide attendees with tips for practicing food safety.

To learn more about all the activities that are offered at the Anderson County Senior Center, visit the monthly events calendar online at or call the Senior Center at (865) 457-3259 to find out how you can get a hard-copy of the calendar each month.

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