TDEC announces over $232M in grants for water projects

(TDEC/staff reports) The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) has announced 102 grants totaling $232,709,981 from the state’s American Rescue Plan (ARP) fund, part of which TDEC is administering in the form of drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure grants. Since August, TDEC has awarded and announced $634,404,544 in grant funds through ARP programming.

Of the 102 grants announced today, 17 are collaborative grants and 85 are non-collaborative grants, according to a TDEC press release. Collaborative grants involve multiple entities (cities, counties, or water utilities) partnering on projects to work toward a shared purpose. The awards announced today include funding for 132 individual drinking water, wastewater, and/or stormwater infrastructure projects. 

The grants announced today are part of the $1 billion non-competitive grant program. The remaining funds ($269 million) will go to state-initiated projects and competitive grants.

Locally, Knox County received a Collaborative Grant, while Roane County and the cities of Jacksboro and Kingston all received Non-Collaborative Grants.

Tennessee received $3.725 billion from the ARP, and the state’s Financial Stimulus Accountability Group dedicated $1.35 billion of those funds to TDEC to support water projects in communities throughout Tennessee. Of the $1.35 billion, approximately $1 billion was designated for non-competitive formula-based grants offered to counties and eligible cities to address critical systems needs. Those include developing Asset Management Plans, addressing significant non-compliance, updating aging infrastructure, mitigating water loss for drinking water systems, and reducing inflow and infiltration for wastewater systems.

Earlier this year, TDEC announced that the city of Rocky Top will receive $1.38 million, as well as funds transferred from Anderson County, to develop what a press release called “a comprehensive asset management plan and address the critical needs of water loss and excessive infiltration and inflow into its sewer system.” The city will rehabilitate some 33,000 linear feet of sewer lines through a variety of methods, including pipe bursting, cured-in-place pipe lining, open cut repair and manhole lining.

Prior to that, in November of last year, Rocky Top received $630,000 for sewer system improvements through a Community Development Block Grant.

“These grants will address important water infrastructure needs for local communities across Tennessee,” Gov. Bill Lee said. “We look forward to the improvements these projects will bring, and we commend the communities who have gone through the application process.”

“More than ever, infrastructure is critically important to our local communities,” said Lt. Gov. Randy McNally, R-Oak Ridge. “This money will allow cities and towns to address deficiencies and make improvements that will pay dividends not just in the present but in the years to come as well. I greatly appreciate the work of the governor and my colleagues on the Fiscal Accountability Group for their work in making sure these funds were spent appropriately and efficiently.”

“We continue experiencing considerable growth across the state, and many of our communities require additional resources to address their evolving needs,” said Speaker of the House Cameron Sexton, R-Crossville. “These grants will play a major role in ensuring cities and towns have access to infrastructure solutions that will enable them to continue thriving so Tennessee remains a preferred destination for both businesses and families.”

“We are grateful to the local applicants, and we anticipate excellent results from these grants,” said TDEC Commissioner David Salyers. “This shows that Tennessee recognizes the need for improved water infrastructure, and we are grateful for the leadership of Governor Lee and the General Assembly in seeing that communities get this assistance.”

Grants announced on April 26th, 2023

Collaborative Grants
Town of Atwood – $815,203Town of Jasper – $1,363,324
Bradley County – $8,650,011Town of Kimball – $799,195
Carroll County – $2,224,218Knox County – $15,166,601
City of Charlotte – $687,212City of Lakeland – $2,614,797
City of Clarksburg – $669,054Town of Stanton – $4,024,745
City of Dayton – $3,963,044Town of Tracy City – $915,194
Dickson County – $ 4,370,769Washington County – $6,353,535
Hancock County – $3,009,713City of Waverly – $1,325,000
Jackson County – $3,646,305 
Non-Collaborative Grants
Town of Alamo – $831,197City of Kingston – $1,692,595
City of Algood – $722,955City of La Vergne – $3,494,124
City of Allardt – $611,154Lawrence County – $5,168,790
Town of Baileyton – $617,833Lauderdale County – $4,411,275
Town of Bell Buckle – $587,437City of Lawrenceburg – $2,056,490
City of Belle Meade – $666,588Town of Linden – $3,820,722
Town of Benton – $737,437City of Loretto – $739,398
Benton County – $1,481,306City of Madisonville – $1,085,917
City of Bolivar – $2,550,364Marion County – $637,500
City of Bradford – $794,015Marshall County – $3,075,564
City of Brownsville – $2,078,119City of McEwen – $1,273,527
City of Camden – $2,442,490City of Middleton – $1,545,363
Town of Carthage – $765,538City of Milan – $1,729,735
City of Chapel Hill – $969,173City of Millersville – $955,714
Cocke County – $6,584,513Town of Monterey – $1,479,719
City of Covington – $1,789,511City of Morristown – $4,472,852
City of Cowan – $764,654City of Murfreesboro – $10,115,421
Crockett County – $1,713,706Town of Oakland – $1,596,587
City of Crossville – $3,549,752City of Pulaski – $1,751,814
Town of Cumberland City – $859,047City of Red Bank – $1,619,984
Town of Decatur – $4,159,003Red Boiling Springs – $748,472
Decatur County – $1,424,739Roane County – $2,651,889
Town of Dover – $748,283City of Savannah – $4,714,467
City of Dyersburg – $4,204,446Scott County – $2,217,776
City of Eagleville – $601,250City of Scott’s Hill – $2,230,909
City of East Ridge – $2,533,124Town of Selmer – $6,046,448
Town of Estill Springs – $733,485Sevier County – $7,128,064
City of Friendship – $1,848,671City of Sneedville – $777,319
City of Gallatin – $3,926,714Town of Somerville – $2,259,831
Town of Gates – $664,662City of South Fulton – $879,957
Gibson County – $3,530,705City of Sparta – $1,072,232
City of Goodlettsville – $1,909,021Town of Tennessee Ridge – $1,895,856
Grainger County – $3,949,472Town of Thompson’s Station – $832,321
City of Grand Junction – $1,827,974City of Tiptonville – $2,321,792
City of Greenbrier – $1,144,207Town of Toone – $657,188
Grundy County – $3,909,120City of Trenton – $1,208,392
Town of Halls – $885,728Town of Troy – $725,905
Hardin County – $770,850Town of Vanleer – $599,993
Town of Henning – $708,224Town of Wartrace – $637,105
Town of Hornbeak – $613,985City of Waverly – $1,487,920
Town of Hornsby – $592,243City of Westmoreland – $258,776
Town of Huntsville – $1,268,141City of Winchester – $1,395,523
Town of Jacksboro – $3,569,953 

Here are details of grant recipients in our immediate service area (Anderson, Campbell, Knox, Morgan, and Roane):

Knox County – $15,166,601

  • Knox County, in collaboration with Knox County Engineering and Public Works, First Utility District of Knox County, Hallsdale Powell Utility District, Knox Chapman Utility District, Knoxville Utilities Board, Luttrell Blaine Corryton Utility District, Northeast Knox Utility District, and West Knox Utility District, will use ARP funds to address critical needs and increase the availability of clean drinking water to rural areas of the county. Projects include the construction of a stormwater pumpstation, sewer rehabilitation, updates to booster stations and raw water intakes, aged water line improvements, and new zone water meters to address water loss.

Town of Jacksboro – $3,569,953

  • The Town of Jacksboro will use ARP funds to replace approximately 6,700 liner feet of 10-inch force main with a new 16-inch force main and update the three existing pumps in the pump station. These improvements will provide increased capacity for future growth and reduce maintenance costs at the station. ARP funds will also be used to replace undersized lines serving two interstate exits, an industrial park, and households. 

City of Kingston – $1,692,595

  • The City of Kingston will leverage ARP funds, as well as funds transferred from Roane County, to address critical needs and develop an Asset Management Plan. Kingston will make improvements to its drinking water system by developing an Aged Infrastructure Replacement Plan and subsequently implementing distribution system repairs. Kingston will make improvements to its wastewater system by conducting a Sewer System Evaluation Study and making sewer collection system repairs.

Roane County – $2,651,889

  • Roane County will use ARP funds to develop an Asset Management Plan and address critical needs for a variety of utilities in the area. Projects include the replacement of a lift station, aged water line replacements, and a force main line evaluation to identify any other necessary updates.

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  1. It’s great to hear that TDEC is investing over $232 million in grants for water projects! This is an important step towards ensuring access to clean and safe water for communities across Tennessee. These grants will not only support infrastructure upgrades but also provide much-needed funding for research, education, and outreach efforts to promote water conservation and sustainability.

    Investing in water infrastructure is critical, especially as aging systems become increasingly prone to failure and new challenges, such as climate change and emerging contaminants, continue to arise. These grants will help support the necessary upgrades and maintenance to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of these systems.

    I hope to see more efforts like this to prioritize water management and ensure access to clean water for all communities in Tennessee and beyond.

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