Tippy, the Anderson County Animal Shelter Ambassador is pictured in this undated photo submitted by the Office of Animal Care & Control

Tippy the Shelter Cat needs a new (forever) home

(Anderson County Animal Shelter) Tippy, the calico kitty who has called the Anderson County Animal Shelter’s cat house home since 2020, is looking for a new home where she can explore, play, sleep, and get all the cuddles she demands.

If you are interested in possibly adopting Tippy, please send an e-mail to dmckenna@andersoncountytn.gov. Please include your phone number in the e-mail.

Tippy came to the small Anderson County Animal Shelter as a pregnant mama in October 2020. She delivered, nursed and weaned her babies, then nursed and weaned another litter of kittens who’d lost their mother. Since then, Tippy has served as the unofficial “greeter” of Shelter visitors.

Of course, Tippy has been spayed and is up-to-date on her vaccines.

The Shelter’s cat house is small, and space is limited. Thus, Tippy is not able to be fully separated from other Shelter cats or kittens that may need isolation or medical care while in the care of the Anderson County Animal Shelter.

Tippy, the Anderson County Animal Shelter “Ambassador” is pictured in this undated photo submitted by the Office of Animal Care & Control

“As I have said many times before, Tippy is a cat of cats, a wonderful ambassador for felines everywhere, a larger-than-life personality!” said Damon McKenna, director of Anderson County Animal Care & Control. “The staff here at ACAS do not want to see Tippy leave. She is and always will be a part of this shelter. There definitely will be a void left by her, but the prospect that she will end up in a true, loving, forever home, far outweighs any heaviness of heart we may feel. I look forward to where this next journey in life takes her!”

“In a shelter world where animals come and go, Tippy has been a constant for the shelter team, and even regular visitors to the shelter. She’s a rock-star, a true people-cat who loves to nap on your lap,” County Mayor Terry Frank said. “This is one of those tough shelter decisions where it is so hard to let go—so we’re hoping someone special will step forward to adopt her and be willing to keep her shelter connections alive.”

Tippy is very loving and she can be quite vocal when she doesn’t get her way! Tippy demands almost constant attention from the Shelter staff. She absolutely loves trying to “help” the members of the Animal Care & Control team do their work each day. We’re looking to adopt Tippy to a new home and someone who adores her the way we all do.

Tippy also has taken to escaping the Shelter’s cat house just about any time she finds the doors open – but, she quickly has been retrieved each time. We think she just wants to explore the world she keeps staring at through the window while perched atop her cat tree. But we want Tippy to stay safe, and we believe an indoor home is best.

We’d love for Tippy to be adopted to a local home where her humans are open to providing the Shelter with regular updates about Tippy’s new life. And, in-person Shelter visits would be welcome. After all, Tippy will need opportunities to tell the Animal Care & Control team all about her new adventures!

Tippy’s adoption fee is $50.00. If you are interested in possibly adopting Tippy, please send an e-mail containing your phone number to dmckenna@andersoncountytn.gov.

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