Security remains a top priority in county schools

New technology is keeping students at all of Anderson County’s schools safe as they return to class this week.

A program called the Situational Awareness and Response Assistant, or SARA, allows staff members in schools to send out a call for help with just a click of a button.

Beginning with this school year, every Anderson County campus has access to SARA, and officials say that if something happens in a classroom, whether it be a fight between students, a medical emergency or something else altogether, like an intruder or an active shooter, school staff members can click a button and send an alert from their computer or cell phone, which in turn, alerts E-911 and all appropriate school personnel.

Other options can be added as needs are identified.

The system costs the school system approximately $18,000 a year.

In the past few years, the county schools have seen numerous security upgrades and changes, including having an SRO in every school in the county and the installation of technology that requires a key fob to open the doors to a classroom. In addition, all entry doors to school buildings are locked and visitors have to ring a video doorbell in order to be admitted.

To learn more about the new system follow this link.

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