Morgan deputies make ‘huge’ NYE drug bust

Friday, authorities with the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department say their deputies made what was described as a “huge” drug bust.

At around 9 am on New Year’s Eve, deputies executed a search warrant at a home on EC Noe Road, off of Corbin Hill, following a “months-long” investigation of the home’s resident, Jerry Roysdon, and his alleged illegal drug activity.

Roysdon was located in his bedroom and taken into custody after a brief struggle with deputies.

Inside the home, investigators say they seized 350 narcotic pain pills, over 4 grams of meth, an undisclosed amount of marijuana, five handguns, and $15,000 in cash.

Roysdon was taken to the Morgan County Jail on charges that include six different counts of the sale of illegal narcotics, and one count each of felony possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, child endangerment, and resisting arrest.

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  1. I heard that his estranged wife and minor son were there, during the raid, yet nothing happened to the wife/child’s mother. She has had a warrant out for her arrest for years (for DUI’s, endangering children, and possibly drugs), but nothing happened to her during that drug raid. Yeah, right. 🙄 Sounds like she’s the one who tipped off the cops, telling them where they could find the drugs and firearms, which could be why she got to walk away from that raid, scot-free.

    This is the same Jerry Roysden/Roysdon who took off with a baby, some five years ago, and was caught up in an Amber Alert. The baby was his baby, but he was not allowed to be alone with the child. Both he and his wife, are both declared unfit by the law, to raise children themselves, and the state has their son in foster care. Yet the unfit parents had their minor child there with them, present, during a drug bust. The cops should have also arrested the ex wife too. The minor child needs to be placed in some other foster care, away from his parents’ extended family members too!

    • I am the little boys maternal uncle, I am Dorothy’s brother, Dorothy is the mother of the child that was there and she was the one that was there with Jerry, the only reason that little boy was allowed over there is because when I divorced my wife in September my aunt was granted temporary emergency custody away from me because I did not agree with my sister seeing them without visitation and I have been fighting to get them back in my care because obviously my sister lives with my aunt and my aunt seems to think that Dorothy is fit and stable to take him anywhere she wants to and she was taking him to his father’s house, Jerry roysden, obviously without my permission but the courts took that away from me a couple months ago until they finally figure out that my aunt nor my sister have the right State of mind to make decision for these kids she has two other children that I previously had custody of until I got divorced, and she was bad-mouthing anything that she could about me when I work a full-time job sometimes six days a week out of town but I come back every night that I live a questionable lifestyle but seems to not care that my sister is still doing drugs and not making good decisions about where she’s taking her kids so no these children need to be back in mine and my Ex-Wives split custody care because my ex-wife is a wonderful mother to these children and her own and I am too and we are a good team

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