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Comptroller report details allegations against LaFollette mayor

A newly-released report from the Tennessee State Comptroller’s Office is providing more information as to what led to misconduct charges being filed last year against LaFollette Mayor Mike Stanfield.

As we reported at the time, on September 2nd, Stanfield was indicted by the Campbell County grand jury on seven counts of official misconduct, one count of retaliation for reporting to the comptroller, and one count of misrepresenting information to the state auditor for allegedly using city employees and equipment to work on private property, including property that he owned.

The investigation also determined that Stanfield had directed a city employee to make false statements to state auditors.

According to the report, Stanfield has brought equipment like lawnmowers and chainsaws that are not owned by the city to the LaFollette Public Works Department for city employees to repair. Some of the repairs were done using city time and/or equipment. Stanfield acknowledged to auditors that he ran a side business repairing small engines that was unrelated to his position with the city.

The investigative report also notes the city of LaFollette paved a former councilman’s private driveway in 2018. The former councilman has since voluntarily reimbursed the city for the cost of paving.

The report, which you can read by following this link, faults the former administration of the Public Works Department for knowing about the mayor’s actions and allowing them to continue. The report also faults the city for not reporting the alleged misconduct within the “legally required timeframe.”

Stanfield was elected mayor in 2008 and won his fourth re-election last year after running unopposed following the indictment.

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