Latest Lewallen Bridge Replacement project update

This morning, the city of Clinton’s TDOT Project Liaison, Lynn Murphy, provided the latest update on the Lewallen Bridge Replacement project. If you have driven by the work site, you can see the amount of progress that has been made, and today, Murphy provided us with a rundown of what is being done, and what remains to be done. This latest update also provides information on what, and in what order, crews will be doing once the concrete bridge deck, sidewalks, and parapet walls are complete.

At month 25 of the 36-month project, the Lewallen Bridge replacement project continues, with a contract completion date listed by TDOT as August 31, 2021.

Here is a description of the work currently being performed:

Galvanized Metal Deck Pans

Deck pan installation is complete across the entire bridge. These sheets of metal serve as permanent concrete forms. A nine-inch thick concrete slab will be poured over the deck pans. The concrete slab will serve as the driving surface.

Bridge Deck Overhang

The bridge deck overhang system is complete. This formwork allows the concrete deck slab to extend beyond the traffic lanes and the edges of the outside steel girder beams, providing for 5.5 feet wide concrete sidewalks poured on top of the bridge deck slab, with the concrete bridge parapet wall being poured on top of the sidewalk.

Shear Bolt Studs

Welders continue to install thousands of shear bolt studs on top of the steel girder beams. These studs are spaced about six inches apart and they serve as dowel pins to prevent the concrete slab from sliding, connecting the slab to the steel girder beams.

Epoxy Coated Steel Rebar

A sub-contractor crew is on-site, making good progress installing the 1.5-million-pounds of steel rebar, creating a grid system across the bridge deck. This work is currently more than 50% complete.

Concrete Bridge Deck

Approximately 3,400 cubic yards of concrete will be pumped to create the bridge deck. The contractor estimates that concrete pouring will begin in late October-early November 2020. The bridge deck length is 1,136 feet and the width is between 77 feet 8 inches and 101 feet 8 inches.

Long Range Completion Goals

Here is a sequence for the last stages of completion, once the concrete bridge deck, sidewalks, and parapet walls are complete:

  • A road connection will be built at the south end of the new Lewallen Bridge, aligning it with Clinch Avenue, near Carden Farm Drive.
  • 2. Thirty-eight LED streetlights will be installed to illuminate the new bridge.
  • 3. Traffic control signs and pavement markings will be installed on the new bridge.
  • 4. Northbound traffic only will be re-routed onto the new bridge. The contractor estimates that this could take place as soon as late spring 2021, winter weather permitting.
  • 5. A road connection will be built between the north end of the new bridge and the intersection of State Route 61.
  • 6. The new bridge will be opened for traffic in both directions.
  • 7. The old bridge will be demolished.
  • 8. Riverside Drive will be re-built from SR 61 to Meadowbrook Street, including a new parking area, new concrete sidewalks, and excavation to install a new storm sewer system.
  • 9. Lakefront Park facilities impacted by the bridge construction will be restored.

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