THP: DUI suspect arrested wearing chastity belt

According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, a DUI suspect arrested last month in Anderson County was wearing a chastity belt at the time of his arrest.

The THP reports that 35-year-old Curtis Scott Eidam of Oak Ridge entered a sobriety checkpoint on May 14th on State Highway 62. Officers detected the smell of alcohol coming from the vehicle and from Eidam himself. He admitted to officers that he had consumed four or five shots of liquor in the hours before the encounter and also admitted that he had a pistol in the center console of the vehicle.

Eidam and his female passenger Rebecka Alexander, who was described as also being visibly intoxicated, were removed from the vehicle, which is when officers noted that Eidam was wearing a “white skirt, white leggings with pink stripes and black high heels.”  Troopers also stated he had a ribbon tied in his goatee.  He failed a field sobriety test and was taken into custody, at which time he told officers that he would need a key to unlock the chastity belt he was wearing. He said one key was on his keychain and the other was being worn as a necklace by Alexander. The key was provided to jailers when he arrived at the Anderson County Detention facility.

Eidam was charged with DUI and for possessing a weapon while intoxicated, booked and released a few hours after his arrest on bonds totaling $6500.

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  1. What a relief to see that Real America’s bible belt denizens are exhibiting their moral superiority day-after-day.

    • Must have missed the part detailing his church activity…
      Evangelical atheists like good ol’Mike are as as annoying as the street preacher types who can talk of little else besides their devotion to “the cause.” Same coin- other side. You bore me, Mike… get a hobby besides Christian- bashing… it’s so 2008.

  2. looks like he has all the qualifications a republican needs to be trump’s vp !

  3. I have family in law enforcement and they do have some of the most, if not bizarre, messed up stories. There seems to be no end to what people will do when drunk.

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