Former ‘Star Trek’ actress arrested in Roane

A former actress best known for her role as the medical assistant Kes on the TV series “Star Trek: Voyager” was arrested earlier this month in Roane County on charges that she exposed herself to two children under the age of 13. 41-year-old Jennifer Ann Lien was arrested at her Harriman home on September 3rd following a bizarre incident in which she apparently criticized the way a woman was caring for two children who were crying as she walked by a house and then flashing her breasts and buttocks at the woman and the children when the woman told her to mind her own business. The woman called police and Roane County deputies went to Lien’s home, where they found the door open and Lien naked on a couch with a blanket covering her. She refused to put on clothes and a female deputy brought her clothes from the Roane County Jail. At one point, she allegedly told deputies to leave her alone or she would “have them shot and killed.” In addition to the exposure charges, Lien also faces charges of aggravated assault, evading arrest, resisting arrest and reckless endangerment stemming from an April incident in which she is accused of backing her car into a Harriman police car. She was taken to the Roane County Jail without further incident. Her last acting credit on the IMDB website was in 2003.

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